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Medical Recovery Procedures

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– PNEUMOTHERAPY: ultrasonoaerosols and inhalations with mineral water taken daily from the Slanic Moldova Springs region (pictures)

– HYDROTHERAPY: mineral water hydromassage, 4 cell galvanic bath (pictures)

– LAW, MEDIUM AND FREQUENT ELECTROTHERAPY: ionization, diadinamic currents, interferential currents, TENS, MENS, Trabert, short waves (pictures)


– LASERTERAPY (pictures)

– THERMOTHERAPY: paraffin applications (pictures)

– KINETOTHERAPY & MASS THERAPY: Reiki, Yumeiho, therapeutic massage, reflexology, lymphatic massage (pictures)

– SHOCKWAVE THERAPY for chronic musculoskeletal pain (BTL – 6000 SWT Topline – Red Dot Design Award 2014) Rapid and permanent pain relief
• A unique and non-invasive solution for musculoskeletal pain
• Only three to four treatments per week
• A therapy session lasts only about 10 minutes

Fields of application
• Orthopedics
• Physical recovery
• Sports Medicine

Mechanism of action
The shock wave is an acoustic wave that carries high intensity energy to the painful points and to the musculoskeletal tissues that present subacute, subchronic and chronic affections. This energy determines a series of regenerative and repair processes of bones, tendons and other soft tissues.

Recovering Mobility & Accelerating Healing
Increasing collagen production: Producing sufficient amount of collagen is a necessary condition for repairing damaged musculoskeletal and ligament structures.
Improved Metabolism and Microcirculation: SWT technology accelerates the removal of nociceptive metabolites, increases oxygenation and feeds damaged tissue with a source of energy. These effects lead to the removal of histamine, lactic acid and other irritants.
Therapeutic indications
Dissolving calcified fibroblasts: SWT technology dissolves calcified fibroblasts and initiates the process of biochemical decalcification of major calcium deposits or secondary symptoms of osteoarthritis

Carpal tunnel syndrome
Exacerbations of the small joints of the hand
– Shoulder pain (calcifications, tendinitis, impingement syndrome)
– Previous tibial syndrome
– Ahilian tendon
– Calcaneal spur
– Plantara Fascita