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Enjoy massage procedures recommended by pour therapist, Ciprian Segheti.

Yumeiho Theraphy
50 ron/45 min
Knowing as “Method of correcting the coxal, massage and acupressure”, Yumeiho is a traditional Japanese therapy that include over 100 manual therapeutically procedures, for the sole purpose of postural rebalancing.
Recommended for:
– back pain (degenerative disk, sciatica)
– stress disorders (insomnia, anxiety, chronic fatigue, muscle tension)
– diminishing effects due to sedentary activities
– correction wrong postural attitudes (scoliosis, kyphosis)
– improving muscle contraction

Anti-cellulite massage
60 ron/45 min
Anti-cellulite massage is a procedure for cellulite diminution, acting to reduce adipose tissue and shaping areas affected. Conducted intensive, can reduce the appearance of “orange peel”, after only a few sessions till.

Bamboo massage
60 ron/45 min
Massage with bamboo sticks is a revolutionary technique, with high efficiency than anti-cellulite massage, aiming to toning, stimulating lymphatic system, skin elasticity.
Recommended for:
– fight cellulite
– stimulating circulation
– toning and shaping
– detox

50 ron/45 min
Reflexology is a form of alternative medicine which involves massaging the body extremities – palms, earlobe, and soles of the feet, resulting in the release of tension at certain points, directly correlated with the affected organs. Reflexology can cure a wide range of ailments from colds, flu, migraine, to anemia or hormonal imbalances.

Reiki Therapy
50 ron/30 min
Reiki therapy is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, aiming at bringing into a state of optimal operation of the 7 chakras (body energy centers):
– Mulathara – in the genital area, at the base of the spine
– Svadhistana – below the umbilicus
– Manipura – in the solar plexus
– Anahata – in the middle of the chest
– Vishudda – at the middle of the neck
– Ajna – in the middle of the forehead
– Sahasrara – slightly above the crown of the head

Reiki principles:
“The secret art of inviting happiness
The miraculous medicine of all diseases
Just for today, do not anger
Do not worry and be filled with gratitude
Devote yourself to your work. Be kind to people.
Every morning and evening, join your hands in prayer.
Pray these words to your heart
and chant these words with your mouth
Usui Reiki Treatment for the improvement of body and mind
The founder , Usui Mikao”

100 ron/45 min
– Swedish massage is a gentle form of massage aiming to relaxation and re-vitalize your body
– Deep massage is a special technique of massage, on the lower layers of muscle tissue, aiming to relieve chronic pain, to improve mobility, eliminate toxins and reduce stress levels.

Appointments may be made at the hotel reception, with at least 24 hours prior, depending on availability.